Care Guide

 At AEREA STUDIO, we are proud to create jewellery at honest prices, yet designed and crafted in the same entrusted workshops as the most iconic luxury Houses.

We create gold-plated jewellery made to last years and to be worn for every occasion. Below is a guide with everything you need to know about gold-plated jewellery and how to keep your cherished pieces shiny.

What is gold-plated jewellery?

It is simply made from two components, metal jewellery, and a thick layer of liquid gold. 

At AEREA STUDIO, we design our jewellery so that it’s made to last and stand the test of time. Each piece is made with 14ct gold laid over recycled brass that is Responsible Jewellery Council certified. On top of that, all of our pieces are made with an extra resilient layer of gold that doesn’t easily wear away, whilst also being hypoallergenic and nickel-free.

Is gold-plated real gold?

Whilst gold-plated jewellery may not be made out of pure gold, it is still vibrant and made with a real gold outer layer. Gold plated jewellery is a more affordable alternative than real gold and doesn’t demand a sacrifice on style. 

Gold-plated jewellery is often more vibrant than solid gold jewellery.

What do the different gold carats mean?

Carat refers to the percentage of pure gold and can be abbreviated into different symbols such as ct, kt, or K. Each carat has a different appearance and can be used for different purposes.

24 Carat Gold is the purest form of gold and consists of 99.9% gold. This type of gold is used to create fine jewellery or intricate objects due to its natural yellow colour, its softness and malleability.

22 Carat Gold is better used for plain jewellery such as wedding bands.

18 Carat Gold is radiant, with a warmer and brighter colouring.

14 Carat Gold offers a warm yellow hue and is more commonly used with durable metal alloys that add extra colour and strength to the jewellery.

9 Carat Gold has the lowest percentage of carat. It’s a light yellow in colour and is preferred over most other metals in the creation of solid gold jewellery due to low price.

How do I take care of gold-plated jewellery?

Show your pieces a little love. We suggest polishing your treasures regularly with the microfiber cloth, like the AEREA STUDIOs' pouch you got in your packaging. Never use any sea water, chemicals or alcool on them. Avoid wearing your jewellery when bathing or applying lotions, and store each piece individually, in its AEREA STUDIO pouch.

Does gold-plated jewellery rust/fade?

Gold-plated jewellery can rust or fade over time. The rate that this happens purely depends on how you take care of your pieces. We’re committed to creating timeless pieces that will last the test of time, and so we make all of our pieces with an extra resilient layer of gold that doesn’t easily wear away. 

If you notice your AEREA STUDIO piece is starting to fade or needs replating, we offer this service for free within three years of purchase or receipt under standard conditions of normal wear-and-tear if your plating fades.

Contact if you need further informations.