What is AEREA studio

AEREA studio is a jewellery brand using recycled metals to offer sustainable, unisex, seasonless, high quality and ever evolving pieces for a fair price.

We make this possible by combining new technologies, craftmanship, years of experiences and a passion for shapes to share !

  • New technologies and craftmanship

    Each design is conceptualised by me, Camille, with 3D modelling
    programs, manufactured with 3D printing processes and finished by hand.

    These little sculptures are a combination of new technologies and craftsmanship that I call "4.0 crafts". Nowadays, new technique exists and allow us to create shapes that haven't been made before.

    Crafts are entering a new era and I am truly excited about it!

  • Unique designs

    Optical effects and 3D technologies are the main inspirations behind the line. Resulting in complex geometries, impossible to produce by hand. The aim is to create jewellery that change shape depending on your point of view.

    Most piece have additional functions (such as adjustable length, stackable shapes and more) so you never get bored and your jewellery can evolve with you.

    Designs are thoughts in a seasonless and unisex way. You can now borrow your friends and partners jewellery whenever you want!

  • High quality and sustainability

    AEREA studio jewellery are made of recycled brass with a thick layer of 14 carats gold plating or solid recycled silver.

    Time and precision are key in the fabrication of your jewellery. We make sure to look at every details to provide the best quality.

    Real pieces of art and technologies made to be loved and cherish by you!

    We also established some changes internally to banned plastic on every levels. From production to shipping! A little goes along the way ;)

Who is behind AEREA studio

Mainly me :) Camille, the founder and Creative Director of AEREA studio.

Originally industrial designer, I joined the jewellery industry 10 years ago. I have since worked for maAany brands. From luxury to high-street, diamonds to crystals, but always with the goal to provid the greatest designs!

Bringing technical construction and comfort to jewellery's aesthetic has always been my motto. But I felt we could do more by offering unique designs that would also taking into consideration our impact on the environment.

Since 2020, we are working hard with my collaborators to bring thoughtful beauties to you!