AEREA is a jewellery project exploring the limitless possibilities of 3D technologies.
All designs are conceptualised with a 3D modeling program,
manufactured with 3D printing processes and
finished by hand in respect of traditional craftsmanship.
Designs playing with the eyes.
Optical effects and 3D technologies are the main inspirations behind the line,
resulting in complex geometries, impossible to produce by hand.
The aim is to create pieces that change shape depending on the point of view.
Minimising the energy output is a key factor of my design process.
I use recycled and recyclable materials to develop long lasting quality designs.
AEREA also operates with pre-orders to enter the slow fashion era.
It's time to reduce waste and over production caused by fashion.
As a result, designs are made just for you !
YOU choose your favourite designs, desired size, metals and finish.
By producing to order we can reduce overproduction and material waste.
It's time to change the way we make, produce and distribute #slowfashion