• Expertise & innovation

    Each of our designs is a reflection of our founder Camille's expertise and innovation. With a background in industrial design and a decade of experience with the most iconic brands of the fashion industry, Camille combines creativity and engineering to create jewellery that's comfortable, durable, and unique.

  • Responsible jewellery council


    Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond words. We use RJC certified recycled silver and brass, and we've banned plastic at every level of our operations, from packaging to the atelier.

  • Quality over quantity

    Quality is at the core of our values. We've made a deliberate choice to prioritise quality over mass production and only produce in very limited quantities. Each piece you own is a testament to that commitment.

  • Craftsmanship meets tech

    We believe in merging the precision of craftsmanship with the possibilities of modern technology. Our pieces are crafted in collaboration with artisans of excellence in Italy, recognised for their work with the most renowned luxury brands.

Wearable Art for the Modern Dreamer

Our jewellery isn't just an accessory; it's wearable art designed to empower your style effortlessly.

We believe in quality over quantity, in the uniqueness that sets you apart from the mainstream.

With us, you'll discover that sustainability and modernity go hand in hand, and that creativity can thrive at the intersection of technology and craftsmanship.

Explore our collections, and you'll find jewellery that's not just an accessory; it's a statement, a conversation starter, and a timeless piece of art.

Welcome to AEREA STUDIO, where we redefine modern jewellery.

  • Empowering elegance, Inspiring Innovation

    AEREA STUDIO jewellery aren't just jewellery; they are an embodiment of design and sustainability. Our pieces are designed to provoke a "wow" effect, followed by a sense of strength and style. We want you to feel like you're wearing a collectible piece of art, a unique creation that resonates with your individuality.

  • Nefertiti necklace

    Seamless fusion: Timeless design, Modern sustainability

    Our designs draw inspiration from unlimited topics and themes, linked to Optical Art, design, architecture, history, music, travels, and the organic shapes found in nature. We've created a space where modernity and nostalgia coexist, where Parisian and Corsican influences meet, and where both men and women can find their perfect statement piece.

  • Crafting dreams, curating elegance

    We go beyond the boundaries of a typical jewellery brand; we are curators of sophistication and creators of dreams. We want to to encourage engagement and stimulate conversations about design, art, and inspiration. Find us on social media to connect further with us.

  • From 3D...

    Each design is conceptualised in Paris by AEREA STUDIO's founder and designer, Camille. She shapes her ideas with 3D modelling programs to control each grams and millimeters.

  • To recycled brass...

    The pieces are then 3D printed in our Italian Atelier and finished by hand by our artisans of excellence.

  • To 14 carat gold plated

    These little sculptures are a combination of new technologies and craftsmanship that Camille call "4.0 crafts". Nowadays, new technique exists and allow us to create shapes that haven't been made before.

The Founder

Camille, our Designer and founder established the start of her career as industrial designer and worked on multiple innovative and futuristic projects. She joined the luxury jewellery industry 10 years ago and has since worked for countless iconic brands in Paris and London. From luxury to high-street, diamonds to crystals, and always with the goal to provide new, smart and comfortable designs.

"Bringing technical construction and comfort to jewellery's aesthetic has always been my motto. But I felt we could do more by offering unique high quality designs that would also take into consideration our impact on the environment."

Since 2020, we collaborate closely with our partners to bring thoughtful creations to you.